Sunday, September 12, 2010

pug's minor surgery

i had to dig further to find out what was the petrol smell from my pug b4 raya and fortunately came across to & and found the root cause of my pug's problem...there was a problem with my pug's fuel pump and it seems to be a common problem for was like a wikipedia for 206...any 206 owners out there can refer to this blog if u come accross any problem with ur pug 206....back to my problem, after work at about 8.30 am, i head directly to Geotauto to check out my fuel pump problem...arriving there, the SA went to check my pug and verified that it was the fuel pump problem and the fuel is already like a puddle underneath the back seat!!....unfortunately & as expected, Geotauto did not have the fuel pump stock and without having any other choice, had to head to the Naza service center at Batu 3 as Bluebox Glenmarie no longer service or do warranty claims for 206...headed first to the Bluebox Glenmarie to get the map on how to get to the Naza Service Center coz i know i wouldn't be able to solely search the service center based only on address :P ....reached Naza Service Center around 10 o'clock and waited for my turn...explained to the SA that i need to make a warranty claim for the fuel pump....the service center wasn't that bad at all....there were couches, tv with astro (managed to watch CSI), PCs with internet connection and there's also wifi....oh, not to forget drinks dispenser machine but no point as it was ramadhan....there were a few other pug owners over there who sent their pugs for, waiting for a while is expected....and at 2.30 pm, my pug was as good as new and redy to be driven off....4 hours of waiting, pheeeww....

Naza Corporation Sdn Bhd
Jalan U1/30, No. 43,
Hicom Industrial Park,
Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: 03-55690886
GPS coordinate : N 03 4.796' E 101 33.441'

Fuel pump good as new

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