Sunday, September 12, 2010

Matta Fair Sept 10

aloha...matta fair sept 10 was recently held and me & my wife did not miss the was the 1st time for the both of us to go to the Matta Fair....we went to the pwtc via lrt from bkt jalil station instead of driving as parking & traffic jam would be a problem....arrived at pwtc 10 o'clock sharp and the event has already begun...outside of pwtc there are already mayflower, reliance & pyo travel booth...i must say that reliance's was the most catchy with the hot babes distributing fliers & 3D tour of their packages...and the crowd has started to build up already...the matta fair took place at 3 halls, hall 1 mainly was for domestic and nearby around malaysia destinations such as indonesia, singapore & thailand....but 90% was for local attractions....hall 2 focuses on asiapacific region and we spend most of our time at hall 2 surveying hong kong tour packages as me & my wife planned to go to hong kong for our next holiday destination...the primary mission was to search for a package of 5 days 4 nites consisting of visiting hong kong disneyland & macau....the reason macau is a must is due to it's amazingly beautiful buildings there....u may google pics of macau to have a look....ocean park & city tour will come under secondary mission....and not to forget, shopping is a must at hong kong for apparels, sporting wear, it products & gadgets (gotta start saving up for hong kong shoppping :P)....hong kong is a heaven for shoppers and it would be a waste not to shop there....just compare an ipod nano at hong kong & at malaysia....convert the price of an ipod nano hong kond dolar tu malaysia ringgit and u'll be surprised by the difference....back to our survey, it ain't easy looking for a package that suits most our plan....there were only 2 travel agency that fits perfectly with our proposed plan which are LT travels & malaysia beijing tour agency....both tour agency packages will come to around 4.3k~4.5k all in for the 2 of us...quite ok as the flight will be with cathay pacific but malaysia beijing would be the preffered due to the hotel it offers which is metropark kowloon which is situated in the town area and is very strategic near to the shopping locations and the comments of the hotel read in tripadvisor was also postive comparing to the hotel offered by LT travel which is far east hotel, all i could see in tripadvisor was negative comments...and also malaysia beijing offers cable car a NO for LT travel altho the option to switch to metropark kowloon hotel is available but would need to add another 700 ringgit!!!....i rather use that 700 ringgit to get an ipod touch at hong kong later :P & my wife need to think first and we went to hall 3 to walk around where hall 3 focuses more on the europe & US destinations....but still there were also a few booths for the asiapacific destinations...and we came across a travelling agency called smart travels...their hong kong package itenerary & rate wasn't that bad...almost the same as LT & malaysia beijing packages...before wrapping up for the day, we went to the triways booth to check out their packages and their ground package was quite competitve compared to the others that we have the end of the day, we did not booked with any tour agency and could not even decide to take up which tour package....conclusion, mission failed....

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