Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Late brunch @ Cheechah Kota Damansara

the next day after Bown's wedding, on Sunday, me & my wife went to Kota Damansara to have our late brunch...we went to a restaurant called Cheechah...my wife bought a voucher thru milkadeal, http://www.milkadeal.com/ (the nuffnang advertisement on the left pane of my blog, plz click :P ) entitled for TWO Tapas + TWO Beverages + TWO Side Dishes at Cheechah Cafe at the price of RM19.90 instead of RM46.60 (dun really know what Tapas is)...on top of that, the both of us also ordered a main dish each as we were starved at that time...the dishes were really delecious and the place was quite nice...

can't really remembered the name of each of the dishes...i'll let the pictures do the talking...but for the 2 main dishes, we paid them for RM25 including tax...the portions were big, so we were really full that we did not even had diner that day...for those who would like to try them, Cheechah is located at Kota Damansara, 11 PJU 5/4...u can just google it...

Hot mocha & Ice honey lemon

Side dish 1

Side dish 2

Main dish 1

Main dish 2

Tapas 1

Tapas 2



  1. hi..nmpk berbaloi menu2 yg ade dgn price rm19.90...not bad ek..rasa mcm mn ok x?

  2. hi...yup, mmg berbaloi tp yg main dish tu x t'msk tau dlm RM19.90...rasa dia mmg okay & sedap...really recommend la utk try...