Monday, November 22, 2010

auld lang syne HP

last 2 week was my last day at that i've experience working in shift basis, it's time for a new challenge....after 2 years of service for Agilent by HP under Xcellink, it's time for a new job, a new environment....lots of sweet & sour memories during in the IMT team.....many people come in and out....a few generations of IMT i've been gone the time of my last day, i was the 3rd most senior member in the team.....recalling back the day i joined HP, the 1st day i entered the shift was to standby for OT....the 1st week of shift i've missed TTO....hahaha~....after 9 months, was promoted to shift lead due to my shift lead at that time had a better offer & better job....throughout my tenure at HP, i've worked with 9 different person in my shift....the crowd was quite was happy working with the Agilent IMT team and it was a privilege working under my 2 bosses....thanks for the great times was a fun ride....hopefully we will work together again in the future....

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