Tuesday, August 3, 2010

entering adulthood ep. 1 part 2

hola i'm back...apologize for the delay on posting the cameron trip post....was very exhausted on the day arrived back at kl.....so, we pushed of from our home on saturday morning at about 7 o'clock in the morning, fetched my mother in law from her house as she's also invited to the wedding reception by auntie angeline and after that went to fetch my lil sister and of continued our journey to cameron...we stopped at sg. buloh R&R to have breakfast and only to find that the R&R was packed & full with people as there was also a convoy of big bikes....it's too many people so we decided to have breakfast at tapah instead...and off we go...about 10 o'clock, we then reached tapah R&R and to our dismay, it was also packed with many people....probably everyone wants to go for holiday & jalan2 b4 the puasa month....too many people again, so we decided to had breakfast at simpang pulai at one of the gerai on the way heading up to cameron....that's what i wanted, i was craving for the nasi lemak and i tell u, it's the best nasi lemak that i've ever tasted so far....the rice & sambal was just perfect....for that, i had to had nasi tambah....

burrppp....had our brunch we then continued the journey...from Simpang Pulai to the Kampung Raja junction took us about an hour & 15 minutes....we had to stop by at a florist shop at kuala terla (after Kg Raja heading to Brinchang) to collect some decorative leaves for the pelamin (altar) decoration of the wedding reception....so next, we have to drop by at equatorial to send the leaves as the team over there lead by my aunt (my aunt was the mak andam for the wedding reception as she was asked by auntie angeline after seeing her work during my wedding reception) was decorating the pelamin... so, anyone out there planning to get married and need a wedding planner cum mak andam, u can see my aunt's work on the pics below and if interested, do let me know....and oh ya, there is also photograph pakckage if u need...hehehe :P ....

eventually arriving at eq (equatorial hotel), my mom was also over there with some of other people helping to decorate the pelamin and i myself end up decorating it too :P....and my artistic side isn't that bad too :P....after spending about one & half hour there, we then head home to relax ourselves for a while and to get ready for the wedding reception which was a chinese course diner....the menu selection was quite good and not bad at all.....the journey to eq earlier and going back to my home at tanah rata took quite a while due to the traffic jam....jeez, 5 years ago we did not have this kind of problem....the traffic jam was due to the stalls at kea farm & the pasar malam at brinchang....majlis daerah really needs to do something on this....

before heading to my parents home, we went to the tanah rata town to grab some food as we had our brunch at about 10.30 am so by 3 o'clock, our stomach already starts to sing....we went over to Nyonya Ferns and bought a pack of kuey teow & mee goreng and also a packet of bihun tom yam...after makan, we rested for a while and at 5 o'clock, we started to get ready to head to eq....5.40 pm, we're off to eq....and expected, there was a traffic jam at brinchang which slowed the journey due to the pasar malam & also the rain....my piece of advise, do not go to cameron during school holidays or during long weekend holidays, otherwise be prepared to get yourselves stuck at the road....

luckily the jam wasn't that bad and in no time we were already at eq....we were the first to arrive coz my mom had to help auntie angeline....upon arriving, me & my wife took a few shots of the reception hall and a few pose...hehe :P .... after that we went up to hotel room where eddie & his wife stayed up for the nite and where they prepared and got make up at....the room was very cozy...it's a one room apartment unit...but too bad the scenery wasn't as catchy as the room....my aunt & my cousin was already in there as my aunt was putting make up on the bride....at 7.30 pm, we head down to the reception hall and looked for our table, no 36....luckily the setup was to put individuals with those that we know, so there are no strangers at my table and eventually were my friends too....

at about 8 pm, the mc announced the arrival of the couple....tik tok tik tok, half a minute passed but no pengantin appeared....the mc announced for the 2nd time....tik tok tik tok, still no where to be seen....the mc then announced for the 3rd time....tik tok tik tok, hello....unfortunately the couple were trapped in the lift, hahahahaha~....poor eddie having to face this circumstance during his wedding reception day....nevertheless, after about 15 minutes, the couple then finally appeared and a big round of applause was given to them upon entering the hall....they walked up to the pelamin, took their seat and the reception has officially started....

the ceremony started with the upacara merenjis by family & relatives....once over, the couple went to their table indicating that it's makan time, finally....the menus were :

-five harmony combination
-shark's fin soup with crab meat
-roasted 'pi pa' chicken
-vegetables with mushroom & scallop
-fried tiger prawns with butter & oat
-steamed 'kwai far' fish with light soya sauce
-fried rice with ikan bilis
-hot leng chee kang
-chinese pancake (unfortunately was replaced with pau!!)

those are what u would normally be served for a Chinese Course Diner....the dishes were delicious & a good option of always the nasi minyak for malay kenduri....overall, the ceremony was a good one with the singing show performed by gary & the gang singing 'my girl' version of gary composed...didn't knew gary was quite a good singer....seriously not bad at all....btw gary's eddies classmate since kindergarten till secondary school...however, the mc wasn't that up to par....could have gotten a younger & more energetic mc...fyi, the mc was a Hajjah...so u could probably guess her range of age....not to condemn but just an honest opinion...sorry for my bad :P... the ceremony ended at about 11 pm!!...and after a few photo shoot sessions, we left the hotel at about 11.30 pm....eddie was all smiles during the whole nite.....congratz again eddie!...moga kekal ke akhir hayat....

reached home at almost 12 am...after washed & cleaned ourselves up and after prayers, off to slumber land...zZzZZzz...

the next day morning, we had breakfast of last nite's diner food...there were a lot of extras and the hotel catering guys gave some to my mum last nite....my mum has been at the hotel 3 days in a row helping auntie angeline out...so, more or less the hotel guys knows my mum ready...lucky us...we had last nite's fried rice & fried tiger prawns...yummy....after that we had durian also!....man, what a heavy breakfast it was....we left my parents house at about 10 o'clock, went to auntie angeline's house to pass eddie's wedding gift coz last nite i forgot to bring it, hehe....stopped at brinchang's pasar tani coz my wife & mother in law got some shopping to do....and off we head back to kl....arrival time at kl approximately 6 pm after a few pit stops....7 pm, home sweet home....

the couple's table together with family members

the menu & greeting card

the door gift (very nice one)

the pelamin (interested? like it? do let me know)

the hall

the wedding cake, wow!

a caption of the wedding cake & pelamin

the newly weds

me & my wife

the newly weds taking their seat

five harmony combination

shark's fin soup with crab meat, yummy...

vegetables with mushroom & scallop

fried tiger prawns with butter & oat (really delicious)

steamed 'kwai far' fish with light soya sauce

fried rice with ikan bilis

the pengantin lame & pengantin baru

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