Sunday, May 20, 2012

My 101 dreams - IMKK Seminar

annyeong-haseyo...mannn, it has been more than 6 months that i haven't updated this blog...i'm sorry to my blog readers (if there is any :P) for not updating this blog for months!...been quite busy these 6-7 months, also lazy :P ...been travelling quite often in & out of Malaysia these past 6-7 months...Shenzhen, Penang, Krabi, Koh Samui, will be blogging my travel log for those trips...also, have been attending several seminars these past  6-7 months...and this post is actually meant for one of the seminar assignment organized by Richworks and conducted by the non-other Dr Azizan Osman, the number 1 motivation & success coach in Malaysia...

have so far attended 3 introductory seminars and 2 advanced seminars organized by Richworks and have already signed up for the next advance seminar next month...the seminars organized by Richworks & conducted by Dr. Azizan Osman is by far the best seminar i've attended so far till date...if u think u need a change in your life, and searching for that twist or spark of light in your life, you may find the answer or at least the path by attending the seminars conducted by Dr. Azizan Osman...u do not have to believe what i say but juz attend the seminar...feel & experience it urself...if you're not satisfied with the seminar in the end, u can always request for a full money back refund! does that sound?...0% risk...the only thing u need to sacrifice is ur time...from my opinion, it was ultimately worth the penny spent on the seminar...i was really satisfied...words can't describe how powerful & interesting the seminar was...u just have to got to experience urself...

to Dr. Azizan, as promised, here's the assignment completed within a week after IMKK May 2012...sorry for the mixed of between english & bahasa melayu :P

1- Memiliki sebuah penthouse/duplex condo yg bersaiz sekurang2nya 3000sqft dilengkapi private swimming pool and garden
2- Memiliki Ferrari F50
3- Memiliki Pontiac Solstice
4- Menghantar ibu bapa and mertua pergi haji and umrah setiap tahun
5- Memenuhi semua permintaan isteri
6- Bercuti ke Korea every year
7- Bungee jumping
8- Sky diving
9- Mempunyai sekurang2nya 30 property utk generate passive income
10- Memiliki and memajukan bisnes menjadi a multi2 million business
11- Memiliki property di Seoul
12- Memiliki property di Koh Samui
13- Membina rangkain kedai cermin mata utk diberi kpd adik
14- Menghantar sekurang2nya 2 org pergi haji setiap tahun
15- Dapat pergi umrah at least setahun sekali
16- Dapat travel bercuti at least once every 3 months
17- Membawa ibu bapa tinggal bersama
18- Dapat menghulurkan sumbangan kpd beberapa buah rumah anak yatim setiap bulan secara konsisten
19- Dapat membina sebuah rumah anak yatim
20- Mempunyai yayasan sendiri
21- Membawa parents pergi bercuti sekurang2nya 6 bulan sekali
22- Membawa parents-in-law pergi bercuti sekurang2nya 6 bulan sekali
23- Menyumbang sekurang2nya RM 10,000 setiap minggu kpd mereka2 yg kurang b'nsb baik yg dipapar di dlm 'Bersamamu TV3'
24- Menziarahi & mengadakan majlis mkn sekurang2nya di sebuah rumah anak-anak yatim, sekurang2nya sebulan sekali
25- Membawa parents keluar makan tempat yg best sekurang2nya 2 minggu sekali
26- Membawa parents-in-law keluar makan tempat yg best sekurang2nya 2 minggu sekali
27- Menyertai and menghabiskan kesemua program platinum DAO and Richworks
28- Memiliki property di Krabi
29- Memiliki property di Phuket
30- Memiliki property di Hong Kong
31- Membina/membeli sebuah rumah yg bsr and selesa utk parents duduk (sekiranya mereka mahu tgl sendiri)
32- Membina/membeli sebuah rumah yg bsr and selesa utk parents-in-law duduk (sekiranya mereka mahu tgl sendiri)
33- Memiliki Toyota Vellfire
34- Mengembangkan bisnes sedia ada hingga ke peringkat international
35- Mempunyai product bisnes sendiri yg setaraf product international
36- Memiliki property di Jeju Island, Korea
37- Memiliki property di Mount Seorak, Korea
38- Acquire a  diving license and go for scuba-diving
39- Have 666kg of gold savings
40- Learn to surf and go surfing
41- Attend all Anthony Robbins seminar/workshop
42- Attend all J Conrad Levinson's seminar/workshop
43- Attend all Robert Kiyosaki's seminar/workshop
44- Holiday at Rome
45- Holiday at Paris
46- Holiday at Turkey
47- Holiday at Dubai
48- Holiday at New Zealand
49- Holiday at Switzerland
50- Holiday at Japan
51- Memiliki property di Japan
52- Own a chain of hotels
53- Own a chain of tourism and travel agency
54- Membina masjid/surau utk kegunaan org ramai
55- Membina sekolah utk kanak2 yg tidak mempunyai peluang utk ke sekolah
56- Passive income thru Internet that generates at least RM 100k a month
57- Volkswagen Golf GTI for sister
58- Peugeot 5008 for parents
59- Honda Accord for mother-in-law
60- Honda Civic for sister and brother in law
61- Memberi spa business utk wife
62- Membawa kwn2 rapat pergi melancong sekurang2nya setahun sekali
63- Melawat setiap Disneyland di dunia
64- Melawat setiap Universal studios di dunia
65- Membina sebuah sekolah di Afrika utk kanak2 yg tidak dpt bersekolah
66- Membawa isteri pergi spa sekurang2nya 2 mgu sekali
67- Dapat menguasai bahasa Mandarin
68- Dapat menguasai bahasa Korea
69- Dapat menguasai bahasa Jepun
70- Belajar bermain ski
71- Mendaki Gunung Kinabalu
72- Visit The Great Pyramid of Giza
73- Visit Victoria Falls
74- Visit Niagara Falls
75- Mengunjungi tempat2 yg pernah Rasulullah singgah/kunjungi
76- Melawat makam Rasulullah
77- Visit the model/replica of The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
78- Visit Grand Canyon
79- Visit Great Wall of China
80- Visit Taj Mahal
81- Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
82- Visit the Stonehenge
83- Visit Lake Toba
84- Visit Baikal Lake
85- Visit the Colosseum, Rome
86- Visit Angkor Wat
87- Acquire an MBA
88- Acquire a DBA
89- Further studies to phD for current masters
90- Financially free by 35 years old
91- Menubuhkan yayasan utk membantu kanak2/warga Afrika yg kurang bernasib baik
92- Menubuhkan yayasan utk membantu kanak2/warga Somalia yg kurang bernasib baik
93- Own a chain of restaurants
94- Own an automated business that continues to generate income without the need to be there or manage it
95- Be part of the Richworks multi-millionaire circle
96- Sponsor or provide scholarship for at least 1 student to further studies to overseas every year
97- Membeli sebuah kondo utk adik
98- Memiliki Mitsubishi Evo 10
99- Memiliki Citroen DS4
100- Memiliki sebuah banglo di Cameron Highlands
101- Travel around the world

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

entering adulthood ep. 9

annyeong-haseyo...i think this has been the 1st time i posted 3 posts in a day...that's quite an achievement given that i'm actually quite a lazy person to update this blog...

the weekend before last weekend, me & my wife attended the wedding of my ex-housemate, who was also my ex-roommate, Azwan a.k.a Butet while during bachelors study...Butet makes the 4th person of the 306 member (the number of our rented house during bachelors study) to step into the adulthood after me, Bown & was close to 3 years i think we had been roommates...

the solemnization was on Saturday at Linda's (Butet's wife) house in Ampang...went there alone as my wife had some errands to there, i joined Biskut & Irma, Aboh & his fiance', and also Che Am where they had already arrived earlier...the solemnization was like any other but wasn't as long duration as mine, so was good :P...Butet successfully made the pronouncement only once...after that, we all had lunch and after that went back home...

the next day, Sunday was the reception day...we pushed off from home at about 12.30 and convoyed with Bown to Ampang where the reception takes place at one of the town we arrived, the 'sanding' ceremony was just over but the couple were still on the there, we were joined by the rest of the geng...without much delay, we got our seats and head to get the food as we were really starved....i took quite a big portion of rice & dishes as the food really turned on my appetite...there was also bubur kacang as well as ice cream...a really complete meal...

after finishing our meal, it's time for photograph session with the newly weds...after about an hour and a half there, me & my wife bid farewell to our friends to leave the ceremony and head to KLCC Convention Center as my wife wanted to go to the Beauty check out my wife's blog to check up the line up at the Beauty Expo...

all in all, would like to take this opportunity to wish congratz to my ex-roommate on his marriage...congratz Tet!...

Extreme Motorsport Session at Extreme PD Buggy Trek

annyeong-haseyo...since today is a holiday and have the spare time, gonna take this opportunity to update this blog...btw, Happy Deepavali to all Indians out there...

the next day after the stay at the Palace of The Golden horses, me & my ex-housemates went to PD for a Go-kart+ATV+Buggy ride session...bought the voucher from Groupon for RM58...was quite a good deal actually, given that we can try 3 rides for that price...pushed off from my place at about 3pm with Aboh's(Syed) car as our session starts at 5pm...reached there at about 5.30pm as there were some traffic jam at around my house area...met up with Biskut over there...

first was the Buggy ride, 2 person per Buggy, after that was the ATV ride...the go-kart session was at another location...we need to go to an abandoned The Store building where the go-kart occupied the roof-top of the building...overall, it was quite fun as that was the 1st time i rode on a buggy, atv & go-kart...

after that, we headed to Senawang to have raya visit session at Irma's house (Biskut's gf), head to Mantin, Jaar's house...if i'm not mistaken, it was 3 years straight that we had raya visit session at Jaar's house in Mantin...with that, that wraps up my weekend...

for more info on the Extreme PD Buggy Trek, check out their blog at

Palace of The Golden Horses; Refurbished

hola has been 1 month haven't updated this blog...due to super busyness & laziness, this explains...

about end of last month, around the end of Ramadhan, me & my wife put up a night at the Palace of The Golden Horses as my wife received a complimentary voucher stay and also a buffet dinner for 2 at the Carousels, Palace of The Golden it was quite a complete package, dinner buffet plus a 1 night stay at there...the room that we got was at the 1st floor which is at the same level as the was the 1st time we got a room at that level...upon entering our room, we were astonished by the new layout of the room...they had refurbished all the rooms at the 1st floor...the room was really nice & beautiful after refurbished...also looks bigger as they had removed the tv cabinet...the bathroom was nicer with a large head shower...taking shower was really a satisfaction...


after about 10 minutes of amazement, we then head to the Carousels for the dinner buffet...this was the 1st time we dine there...the range of food & cuisine at there was quite amazing, especially the cold cuisines...although the food there was not super many, each dishes were splendid...normal price for the buffet is RM89++, so we can expect how the food & dishes are...overall, would give 4.5 out of 5...was the best stay at the Palace of The Golden Horses so far...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Mines Wellness Hotel

annyeong's the 22nd day of raya but the raya heat is still still craving for those lemang & ketupat...gonna have a couple of raya open houses this weekend...can't wait for those lemang & rendang ayam...

about a couple of weeks ago, me & my wife put up the two weekend nights at The Mines Wellness Hotel...we actually utilized our complimentary 3 days 2 night stay at Palace Vacation Club's home base resort upon signing up for their membership last year...our membership has almost been 1 year and only now we were able to utilize it...chose The Mines Wellness Hotel coz it's near to need to worry about transportation...

checked in at the hotel on Friday 8.30 pm after work...we were actually entitled for 2 standard rooms so I invited my ex-housemate, Hazrin as he's already no problem that he can also bring his wife along...when we entered the room it was surprisingly exceeds our expectations as we thought it was just some normal hotel the bathroom was also big with a bath tub in it....only downfall was the tv as it wasn't an LCD tv...but who cares...

The Mines Wellness Hotel is actually meant for those going for the Chinese medicine therapy under the branding Mines TCM Wellness...u can go there for checkup conducted using Chinese method...also can go there for treatment under traditional Chinese medicine...when talking about traditional Chinese medicine, u can expect pulse reading, traditional Chinese cupping,  acupuncture, foot bath, and much more...

apart from that, there is also Ayurveda which is an age old Indian system of alternative therapy...this Mines Wellness seems to be a one-stop center for all types of therapies & medical treatment...also, there is a spa center fully equipped with sauna, steam sauna, jacuzzi and of course, spa itself...last but not least, the uniqueness of this hotel is that it has it's very own man made beach which is quite something to be wowed overlooking a lake (which was actually previously a mining site :P) that makes the hotel something to stand out for...and because of the lake, the hotel offers water sport there...with these features said, it really stands out compared to the other hotels in the Klang's uniqueness something worth to check it out...

on saturday, we had some other programs which includes raya open house while Hazrin and his wife enjoyed their stay at the hotel and took a stroll at the Mines Shopping Fair...and on Sunday, before checking out, me & my wife managed to explore the hotel although we didn't managed to locate the spa center :P...overall, would give 4 out of 5 stars for this hotel...for more info on The Mines Wellness Hotel, u can check it out from their website...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Merdeka's been a week after eid mubarak & almost a week after the independence day, only now was i able to wish at here...happy eid mubarak & happy independence day....

this year's raya celebration is my wife's sides turn, plus my parents were coming down to KL on this year we camped at my mother-in-law's home starting from monday up till friday...was working on monday but working from home at my mother-in-law's home while my wife helped her mother with the cooking...

1st day raya, after the raya aidilfitri prayers, we head to hulu langat first which was my uncle's there, my other uncle from kajang was there too and later was joined by my cousin as all the members around in Klang Valley gathered there...1st day raya had nasi lemak there, felt like the old days when we celebrated raya at my grandma's house at Tapah...

next stop was Wangsa Maju, my wife's relative's there we had nasi beriyani...a few of her relatives were there as normally that's the place they will gather for raya every year...after the Zuhur prayers, off next to Gombak, another relative of wife's...and after Gombak, it's time to wrap up for the day...

2nd day raya, we head to Batu Pahat, Johor to continue with the raya celebration....a few of my wife's relatives are located in Batu Pahat which is why we went there, plus this year was my first time celebrating & visiting my wife's relatives for raya celebration...the highway traffic was smooth when going, while coming back from Batu Pahat to KL, there was quite a jam at around Seremban exit area...all in all, we did managed to reach back at KL before Maghrib...was quite a tiring but a nice raya celebration this pics for this time's entry as we didn't brought along our camera :P...anyway, selamat hari raya aidilfitri again to all muslims out there...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gold On The Rise

annyeong-haseyo...decided to blog since i have the spare time (this rarely happens) quite free & relax this week as most of the task has been done and no new incoming task came in...a good oppurtunity to blog :P ...

after lingering for about a couple of weeks, i decided that i need to act fast and luckily Wednesday last week, i did managed to open a Gold Account at the Kuwait Finance House in Shah Alam...Wednesday last week, gold price was RM174.31/gram...and today it's already RM186.31/gram...that's RM12 increment in less than a week!!!...fortunately i didn't delayed any longer, otherwise it will be a loss then...what i regretted was that i didn't act fast enough...during early of the month, it was only about RM159/gram...

recently i bought several ebooks and one of them is about Gold investment...from there, i learned that gold is something that is inflation proof...unlike currency, it does not depreciate...and in fact, it appreciates in accordance to time...just browse at google to see how much it has appreciate throughout the few years back...and based on history, Gold appreciates about 40% each other words, if we invest in Gold, we will get a return profit of 40% each year...

here are a couple of facts that will make u think to invest in gold right now...from 18th july 2011 till 4th of august 2011, the increase was already has been reported that federal banks in several countries are ramping up gold holdings lately...and for the first time in 10 years, South Korea has bought gold valued at $1.24 billion...

with these being said, it would be a wise choice to start diverse our investment especially in Gold investment...till date, there are 7 banks in Malaysia that offers Gold Account investment namely Maybank, Public Bank, UOB, Standard Chartered, CIMB, Kuwait Finance House and the latest Al-Rajhi Bank...for muslims, we now have 2 choices which are Kuwait Finance House & Al-Rajhi Bank where both are Syariah compliance for a piece of mind...

as for me, i opt for Kuwait Finance House as they have more branches which is more convenient for more rather than Al-Rajhi bank...if i'm not mistaken, Al-Rajhi Gold Investment Account can only be opened at the main branch whereby for Kuwait Finance House, u can head to any of their branch to open the Gold Investment Account...the product name of Kuwait Finance House gold investment is called Gold Account-i...before opening the account, there are a few requirements or terms and conditions that has to be met...for more info, u may check at their website....

so, what r u waiting for?...head to ur nearest Kuwait Finance House branch to start invest in Gold...for non-muslims ofcourse, u have a wider range of choices :P ...act fast!...act now!...GOLD IS ON THE RISE!!!...