Thursday, August 5, 2010


ever heard of a gotcha call?....before that, do u even know what's a gotcha call?...well, a gotcha call is a prank call performed by jj & ean from radio station inspired by the ideas given by anyone(including me, :P) to prank someone who we love, close to us, friends, relatives, family members...from the 26th july to 6th august, the morning crew (jj & ean) will be giving out 1 iphone daily for the funniest gotcha call they do....the gotcha that will be played at 8:20 am will be the winner...

coincidently, me & my wife will be going for our honeymoon this weekend and hey, what if i submit a gotcha call to the morning crew to pull a prank on my wife about the honeymoon trip....i submitted the gotcha request twice, once was on monday and the other was on yesterday no time, during lunch time, my wife called me and said "cyg jahat kenekan yana"....hahaha....that was wife has officially been gotcha!!!...hahaha....i never received a call from hitz so i guess i didn't won the iphone then...

then this morning, i standby on the radio to listen the gotcha call at 7:20 am but it seems to be a gotcha call replay of yesterday's winner....hmmm, did i won the iphone???....i dare not put hope....i was still at office at that was already almost 8 and said in my heart "tak dapat la tu kot"....i then went to the pantry for a while to grab some kuih and darn i regretted not bringing my phone with me...when i went back to my desk, an sms came in from my wife saying "Cyg,menang iphone!" that very instance i called my wife and she told me that jj & ean tried to call me but there was no answer and so they called my wife instead and announced that we won the iphone for the day!!!.....yiehuuuuuu!!! seems that they had a short conversation with my wife b4 the air of the gotcha! iphone, not bad....but i sure regretted not bringing my phone with me that time....moral of the story, bring your phone with u where ever u go!!!....but well, we still won the iphone then.... :P

to listen the replay of the gotcha call, u guys can go to & click 'Morning Crew - Gotcha 2 - August 5 - Thai Honeymoon Suite' under the HITZ PODCAST....enjoy the audio....thanks jj & ean.... :P